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    At MGO, we design and manage retirement plans and personal investment strategies with the goal of growing our clients’ wealth. We place strong emphasis on in-depth technical knowledge of the rules, regulations and concepts governing retirement plans and investing. The technical aspect though is just a step in our process. At MGO, we know that just knowing the technical aspects is only a part of the wealth building equation.
    Whether we are counseling business owners, retirement plan sponsors, plan participants or individual investors, we emphasize an approach that begins by learning your financial goals. We craft strategies and provide advice designed to focus on you as a person. Do you want to retire comfortably? Are you looking to manage your retirement nest egg? Do you want to maximize the dollars you are able to invest? These are all questions we help each of our clients answer.
    Why so much focus on the individual? Because we believe that the definition of wealth is different for every person. Keeping your goals in mind, we advise individuals on how to balance tolerance for risk with their investment timeline. From the 40+ years of saving for retirement to managing your money in retirement, we have become lifelong advisors to plan sponsors, participants and individual investors alike. 


    To improve our clients’ lives with a goal of building wealth in their retirement plans and personal investments.


    With every interaction, we want our customers to say, “Wow, I am glad I do business with them!”